Besson describe a joyful teenager who likes to sing. For example, Corbyn Besson is a singer in why don’t we (fangirling) and he is a happy kid who likes to sing .
Man check out Besson he has so much talent!
by Whydontwesarah January 11, 2018
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A besson is a word used to define someone who is always happy and jolly, someone who is usually the life of the party
by Shmexi_unicorn January 7, 2018
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an expression international theater students use to express their anger at something having to do with french.
Teacher: Remember, we have the french test tomorrow
Phoebe: AH, BESSONE!!
by internationaljigglypuff April 30, 2010
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A sweet and a amazing guy. He is so lovable and can make you laugh anytime. He is so weird and adorable. Everyone loves Corbyn and his amazing singing. He is part of a band and it's called why don't we.💫😊❤💘💫
OML is that Corbyn besson he is so funny.
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a really really cute blonde headed boy he's very good at singing and I love him haha but you'd be really lucky to meet him he's the best and the cutest he's really nice and the sweetest
wow did you see corbyn besson he's so nice and cute
by corbynbessoncansnatchmyweave December 15, 2018
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The most perfect human being to ever walk planet earth
Corbyn besson lets get married😻😻😻
by Owen1223 May 29, 2018
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