Complete and utter shit hole. We legit got whole schools here and also in neighboring city sket-tering dedicated to school age mums. You'll usually find that maccies is full of fuckwits and slags and a few feds. It seems like every other person is a fucking weed dealer aswell. Theres also this rapist school shooter looking cunt that likes to threaten innocent girls. Fucking hate that faggot.
"You ever been to Corby? "
"No ew that place is fucking mank"
"Like all them nonces around there"
by OliviaShagsCats October 8, 2019
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So basically yh it’s just like a bunch of factorys and shit schools

And like fuck loads of chavs

And no good schools

No jobs

Nothing to do, u can go up town tho wich has like a bunch of shops


There’s a few villages full of middle class ppl and also Kettering like 30 mins away that’s full of middle class ppl but they all think there hard, or there snobby

Everyone looks like there a dealer too

And everyone’s got 3 kids at 20 (first kid at 14)

U don’t want to live here

There’s a YouTube video of a fed shooting someone with a taser that happened here too wich is kinda cool

Fuck loads of old Scottish ppl too

Like if u was born here chances r ur grandparents is from Scotland

And everywhere smells like weed too

And like there’s ppl razing about the middle of danseholme on dirt bikes at 3 am too
Someone: I am gonna move to corby

The other someone: ehh it smells like weed and there’s nonces
by Ronnie Pickering mate April 1, 2021
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A most peculiar place in the British Midlands, in the form of a town with a population of around 60,000.
Ranked as the 9th worst town in Britain, you should be wary when you come here. For Corby is home to a strange people known as the townie, or "oh-ya-dick". These people must be treated with caution.

They are ommonly wearing: Lonsdale, Adidas, Nike, McEnzie, Burberry and Yankees clothing.

Commonly saying: "oh ya rat", or "c'mere ya dick", or "what'ya chattin' about?"

Commonly found: Outside McDonalds, newsagents and generally roaming the streets in large numbers.

Oh well. We have an Asda, and lots of factories. Why not come visit? I'll make you a nice cup of tea.
I was mugged by a townie yesterday when I refused to go into Londis to purchase illegal substances for them.
by Teh Secks November 30, 2004
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Corby = Corby is the roughest area in the Northants area, we have more crime than anywhere else in the county, beware come to corby, and get STABED,, ROBBED, RAPED, ATTACKED, druggies, SLUTS.
by d0pey June 2, 2003
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A town which was once thriving but now appears run down and filthy. With litter everywhere and more chavs than anyother place in the northamptonshire area; Corby certanly is one of the worst places you could end up, besides Manchester that is.
We got started on by a 60 year old woman down corby market
by anti townie May 4, 2005
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Corby is a lovely person and is so gorgeous. He has a wide range of musical talent playing multiple instruments like piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, and accordion. His hair is so long and cute. He usually keeps to himself but always puts others before him. He’s also short which makes him so much cuter.
Corby is so cute
by AnUnknownHumanBeing October 18, 2020
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Corby is a man who sticks by your side no matter what. He's the one man you'll keep going back to even when you said you've given up. Although he still acts like a 4 year old and saying " Pweeze" and looking at you with those puppy eyes. You always give in. Hes worth it. You need a Corby.
Hey? Have you met that new kid Corby ?
by LADY_FRIEND December 21, 2017
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