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A most peculiar place in the British Midlands, in the form of a town with a population of around 60,000.
Ranked as the 9th worst town in Britain, you should be wary when you come here. For Corby is home to a strange people known as the townie, or "oh-ya-dick". These people must be treated with caution.

They are ommonly wearing: Lonsdale, Adidas, Nike, McEnzie, Burberry and Yankees clothing.

Commonly saying: "oh ya rat", or "c'mere ya dick", or "what'ya chattin' about?"

Commonly found: Outside McDonalds, newsagents and generally roaming the streets in large numbers.

Oh well. We have an Asda, and lots of factories. Why not come visit? I'll make you a nice cup of tea.
I was mugged by a townie yesterday when I refused to go into Londis to purchase illegal substances for them.
by Teh Secks November 30, 2004
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The place for the young seriously...we have kids having kids in this town all thanks to their 24 year old boyfriends hanging around outside either chip shops or "Maccy D's!"

Home of the "Townie" I have to add.
Common phrases used in Corby:
1. Blingin' en-tha!
2. O ya rat!
3. O ya d*ck!
4. O ya mong!
5. Ya mum!!
6. and finally the mother of all phrases..."Tap us a fag annat"
by LollyLushandChadChequin March 17, 2004
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Corby = Corby is the roughest area in the Northants area, we have more crime than anywhere else in the county, beware come to corby, and get STABED,, ROBBED, RAPED, ATTACKED, druggies, SLUTS.
by d0pey June 02, 2003
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a place in northamptonshire ranked 9th worst place to live in britain. it used to be quite famous for its steelworks but now it is full of chavs who hang around outside the newsagents all day and say "oh, mate do you get served" wanting you to get them either alcohol or fags.
oh mate do you get served

oh mate go in the shop for us init

corby is the 9th worst place to live
by Corby Folk October 28, 2006
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A town which was once thriving but now appears run down and filthy. With litter everywhere and more chavs than anyother place in the northamptonshire area; Corby certanly is one of the worst places you could end up, besides Manchester that is.
We got started on by a 60 year old woman down corby market
by anti townie May 04, 2005
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someone who will ask for your heart and leave you with nothing but broken ribs and a burning throat and stupid carvings in a tree where he promised you he'd love you forever
corby never really loved her
yet she'd still steal all the stars for him
by retro child January 03, 2015
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Corby is a man who sticks by your side no matter what. He's the one man you'll keep going back to even when you said you've given up. Although he still acts like a 4 year old and saying " Pweeze" and looking at you with those puppy eyes. You always give in. Hes worth it. You need a Corby.
Hey? Have you met that new kid Corby ?
by LADY_FRIEND December 21, 2017
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