1)Awkwardly sharing someone's Facebook picture to the news-feed and then
2) tagging someone of the opposite sex in the comments.

This activity is best performed with friends or comrades. If done alone this is a first sign of compulsive pedophilia. This activity is purely recreational and is not intended to bully. if it does bully, decline all responsibly for your actions, The trauma and damage caused to your Facebook friends' self-esteem is marginal.

ethymology(antonym for "raisins' somones social status, as you are rather lowering his "status" on a social network aka Facebook
Matt and Jacob decide to have fun by "razing" their freins

Matt Smith shared Fred's picture form the album...

(Below) comments: @Jessica like Jacob likes this
by absynthem January 7, 2012
(adj.)(slang) stoned, incapacitated, wasted, or beyond consciousness; also, destroyed, obliterated, devastated.
Dude1: "LOL. Did you see that shit?! Dood only took one hit off the bowl and now he's razed"

Dude2: "BWA HAHA! Fuckin' lightweight"

Dude3: "Huh-?
by razed October 17, 2007
Killing, annihilating, destroying.
Raze your hands in victory!
by DasHeaven August 31, 2003
Adj. Incredibly cool, tight, sweet. Also: Razing, razed
"Dude we're gonna spend the summer in Cabo!"
"Raze, man."

"Hey, there's a razing party going on. Get over here!"
by urbanslang5 June 10, 2006
Razee (first name)-- This name is usually given to boys in south Asaia. Thus these boys usually have black hair, dark brown eyes, and brown skin. These boys usually love school and love to do work. That's why they are sometimes mistakenly called nerds , geek, dork and other names that define someone smart. But they are honest, nice, funny, visually talented people who are good friends. These boys enjoy hobbies such as chess, sports, art, building computers, and making people laugh, example.. "stalking" people, telling jokes.
hey Razee!
ew- don't talk to that rapist.
by iamthemoonmaster September 29, 2011