Coquette is mainly an aesthetic based on reclaiming girlhood and embracing a fun-loving, bubbly personality. People of any age,race,sexuality and gender can be coquette. The aesthetic includes a variety of subtypes such as vintage, y2k, classic americana etc. The community is a safe place and DOES NOT promote or romanticise CSA or trauma and promotes nothing but healthy coping mechanisms. Coquette is separate from nymphet tumblr nymphette/ddlg/lolita. It does not look to be sexualised.
that girl is so cute and coquette!
her outfit is totally coquettish!!
by earthangel111 March 25, 2021
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Appreciation of femininity, beauty, and gracefulness of being a woman until it picked up a bunch of pro 4n4 girls whom spread a false narrative that malnourished bed bound girls are "Dainty, delicate, feminine" Mostly spread via Tiktok, Edtwt, Pinterest. You'll see the sickest of the sick and twisted minds within this community of those whom not also romantic having a ed but also lolita too.
"Smoking not in a lung cancer way but in a lily rose Depp Lana Del Rey coquette 60s housewi----*GUNSHOTS*
by Charlieisangel March 11, 2022
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A word to describe the pretty pink things in life. Also used to describe Kiana Maree
Oh my god is that Kiana Maree?!
Yes! She’s so coquette 🎀🌸
by cinnamongirls May 14, 2023
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The coquette aesthetic is feminine, delicate, vintage, and soft.

Coquette girls are young, thin and beautiful. They like to use light pink or white ribbons in their long, soft, flowy, blonde or brown hair. They wear minimal make up on their clear, pale skin, perhaps some lip gloss and blush occasionally.

She wears cute clothes, usually from places like Brandy Melville, in neural, light colors.

They enjoy eating healthy meals and doing Pilates to maintain their slim, ballerina-like bodies. Her vintage vanity desk is littered with dainty jewelry and perfumes. "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov sits on her bedside table along with a vintage, silver and mother of pearl hairbrush.

She loves Sofia Coppola films and idolizes Nina from "Black Swan", young Lana del Rey, and Lily Collins.
I want to be as fit and dress as cute as Lily Rose, she is so coquette!
by traitorjoes February 27, 2023
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A hyper-feminine aesthetic, wherein women infantilise themselves; images of angels, hearts, teddy bears, and lipstick kisses are examples of popular imagery in the community
by robloxlegend49 June 29, 2023
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noun- a high class prostitute; escort; hooker; woman or man who exchanges sexual deeds for payment.
The 17-year-old billionaire Chuck Bass was partying the night away with alcohol and a few coquettes.
by XOXOgossipgirl February 8, 2012
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An aesthetic derived from the nymphet aesthetic on tumblr. Created circa late 2017 as a replacement for the word "nymphet" following the influx of ddlg blogs posting nsfw content in the tag and leading to it being deleted. The aesthetic is based on reclaiming girlhood and embracing a bubbly, flirty personality. People of any age, gender, race and sexuality can be a coquette. The aesthetic includes a variety of subtypes such as grunge, y2k, classic americana coquette etc. the community currently thrives on tumblr and is a safe space for those who engage. The aesthetic does not aestheticize CSA or trauma and promotes healthy coping mechanisms and a safe, loving community for all involved
that girl is a total coquette
her outfit is so coquettish i love it
by itatchisblackgf January 18, 2021
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