One of the only people, along with Batman and James Bond, who can look badass by just saying his name.
Damien: Dude, the lady said she's fine
Chuck: Dude. I'm Chuck Bass.

Eva: You got me a ticket?
Chuck: We don't need tickets. I'm Chuck Bass.

Blair: Give me one reason I shouldn't leave with him... And "I'm Chuck Bass" doesn't count.

Nate: She's right, none of us are saints.
Blair: Yeah, I had sex with him in the back of a limo
Chuck: Several times
Nate: I had sex with you at a wedding while I was her date... once.
*everyone looks at chuck*
Chuck: ...I'm Chuck Bass
by Ecourc December 13, 2014
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Chuck Bass: Serena look effin hot last night. There's something wrong with that level of perfection. It needs to be violated.
Nate: You are deeply disturbed.


Chuck Bass: You looked hot on Prince Theodore's arm, today.
Blair: Is that what I am to you, just an accessory?
Chuck: Next to him, yes. On me, you'd be so much more.


Chuck Bass: Look... I care about three things, Nathaniel. Money, the pleasures money brings me, and you.


Jenny: Let's play a game.
Chuck Bass: I'd say strip poker. But I don't have any cards.
by you_know_you_love_me December 18, 2007
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An awesome guy in Gossip Girl that two girls are crazy about.
A player.
"Chuck Bass!"
"Because I'm Chuck Bass!"
"Looks like it's you and me, you know, my room is still
by Gooose March 24, 2008
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the one and only reason to watch the show "Gossip Girl", he is the player that has a girl every single night.

but he is one piece of hot alright.
his qoutes :
"im chuck bass."

"He's not invited, but he is a cockroach, and they have ways of slipping through the cracks."

Chuck: What if I ... have a girlfriend?
Ashley: Chuck Bass doesn't DO girlfriends

Chuck: Did you have a reason for coming to see me? Because if it was to insult me, there's a website you can go to.

Dan: I know... we don't like each other. You think I'm a boring, sheltered nobody.
Chuck: I don't think of you.

Chuck: You're lying.
Blair: I am not.
Chuck: Your eyes are doing that thing where they don't match your mouth.
Blair: I wasn't aware that robots got jealous. Did they update your software while I was away?

Chuck: Please don't leave with him.
Blair: Why? Give me a reason... and "I'm Chuck Bass" doesn't count.
Chuck: 'Cause you don't want to.
Blair: That's not enough.
Chuck: 'Cause I don't want you to.
Blair: That's not enough.
Chuck: What else is there?
Blair: The true reason I should stay right where I am and not get in the car. Three words. Eight letters. Say it... that I'm yours.
Chuck: I... I ... pause
Blair: Thank you. That's all I needed here.
by Music Is My BoyFriend July 15, 2010
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the love of blair waldorfs life, a pretty rich boy who gets what he wants but come on,

even Europeans must know what that means.
Person 1 : and who are you?
chuck: Dude, I’m Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means
by celestivlbeings September 09, 2018
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