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Copperfielding: A human, male-unique ability to attract (and sustain) a beautiful lass, whilst simultaneously repelling a less than amiable, and most assuredly odious additional suitor (in the eyes of both the lady, and the original, now lucky, man) who is hopelessly enamored with the aforementioned girl and/or what may be gained (particularly monetarily) by establishing said relationship; said suitor may or may not have underwent the displeasure of having been bestowed with the first name of an unfortunate Biblical person(s) slighted tremendously by the illustrious king, David, or possess a tragically misspelled last name: ex. "Heep" in place of the more natural, "Heap."
There goes young Nat copperfielding again!

Anderson is a stud! Why, just last week I saw him arm-in-arm with Emilie Smithson, striding across campus; both beaming beautifully. Not even Horace the Horrid could faze him! In fact, when old Horace began making eyes and arms and everything in-between at Emilie, Anderson simply glared, gently disengaged her arm from his own, and *biff!* Horace fell. Copperfielding, at its finest!
by FestoonTheGrey January 20, 2014
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