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Obsessive cop groupies whose lives are so pathetically uninteresting that they stalk police officers. Coparazzi enjoy equipping themselves with as much authentic police paraphernalia as they can manage to get their claws on. Including, but not limited to; expensive portable police scanners, telescoping batons, high powered tasers, guns etcetera... Coparazzi are always ready to mobilize so they can be the first at even the most boring police calls to schmooze with real cops, take invasive photographs of police officers, criminals & victims. Coparazzi are often frustrated old badge cougars who make a nuisance of themselves hanging out at police stations and crime scenes in their aggressive pursuit of drama, imagined glory and, of course, their ultimate goal: sex with as many cops as possible.
I passed a horrible accident when I was driving to work and the coparazzi were all over it flashing away victimizing the victims yet again.
by minatepes March 10, 2011
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The act of photographing police officers while on duty.
I was a coparazzi today, and uploaded them to
by MStarling January 28, 2010
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The camera's installed to catch people running red and or yellow lights at intersections or speeding on local roads and highways.
Man, I know I got busted by the coparazzi at College Drive and Corporate this morning. That's gonna be the 3rd ticket they mail me for running red lights!
by WLR January 09, 2011
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People who bust out their cameras to record any sort of police activity, usually abuse. They usually tend to give play-by-play announcements of what's happening in the video.
"Yo, that cop is beating the shit out of Tyrone. Start recording! Coparazzi gonna post this on World Star!"
by iCanVard July 27, 2015
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