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(Colloquial Australian) When you attempt to do something, eg kicking a footy or flirting with a girl and you stuff up really badly, almost like burning a meal
Fred: Kick us the ball mate
Frank: Eh sure

Frank: *absolutely shanks it*
Frank: (Under breath) oh I've cooked it
Fred: Frank you hoon
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by mcmurtle April 29, 2019
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Regional NYC slang to indicate running away really fast or leaving a place really quickly.
A very aggressive dog broke away from his owner in the park so, I grabbed my small dog and cooked it.
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by DeeDeeT15 August 08, 2020
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Used to much meth and not realising how stupid you look Running around like a headless goose
They’ve definitely over cooked it this time.

omg she’s running around like a headless chook she must have cooked it!
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by Immiture June 02, 2018
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