Cooking is a dance trend invented by Lil' B, in that it's only waist up - designed to be done in front of a web cam.

Different Levels of cooking include:
-Head Chefs
-Top Chefs
-Master Chef (like a black belt)
We be cooking like a master chef right now - SWAG!
by SWAGCOOKING December 10, 2010
A word to describe the act of making methamphetamines
He was arrested for cooking
by Elissa.marie June 15, 2008
A quick and easy way to burn your house down and cause mass death to your nabours
by Dragonbattle06 January 31, 2020
The ability to experience the world through taste.
That bitch better be cooking some soup.
by Gagreflex69 July 18, 2019
In Reference to (wanna be) Comedian Dane Cook.

The act of telling very unfunny sometimes annoying jokes, that not many people find funny. The person telling the joke might be the only one laughing.
After Janet tripped on a fan... Jody: Oh Janet! you just had a turkey experience!

Janet: Why is that Jody??
Jody: You Tryp to phan! hahahahah
Janet: !? Are you fucking "cooking" me???? that was so lame.
by Lord_Van_Voldemort September 25, 2009
Blowing a guy; preforming oral sex on a guy
Everyone know they were cooking in the steam room.
by Agrandy May 12, 2010
Cooking : One of the most underrated pleasures and overrated chores often making the art dreadful for no apparent genuine reason.
I still have to do all the cooking!😫😥😨😱😰
by Mary john Watson September 30, 2017