To flame someone beyond possible recovery
Our teacher really cooked us when she said she wouldn’t move the test
by Laugh Riot December 16, 2017
Cooking is a dance trend invented by Lil' B, in that it's only waist up - designed to be done in front of a web cam.

Different Levels of cooking include:
-Head Chefs
-Top Chefs
-Master Chef (like a black belt)
We be cooking like a master chef right now - SWAG!
by SWAGCOOKING December 10, 2010
a way of describing a scenario, person or object in an extremely negative way.
Bro #1: yo homie that girl is cooked as fuck.
Bro #2: shits cooked.
by tvdropper December 2, 2016
(Colloquial Australian) When you attempt to do something, eg kicking a footy or flirting with a girl and you stuff up really badly, almost like burning a meal
Fred: Kick us the ball mate
Frank: Eh sure

Frank: *absolutely shanks it*
Frank: (Under breath) oh I've cooked it
Fred: Frank you hoon
by mcmurtle April 29, 2019
A reference to the fabrication of meth and the American show Breaking Bad. Often used in situation where someone is doing a crazy action or is achieving something big.
Me: "talking to a girl"
My friends: Wait, hold up, he's cooking, let him cook.
by Seltexe January 26, 2023
A protean term that is used to convey an evaluative judgment of a thing or a state of affairs. Something that is "cooked" may be very good, very bad, or somewhere in between. The adjective may readily carry further nuances, depending on the context.

The word otherwise does not lend itself to exhaustive definition in the abstract. Its meaning in any particular situation – or whether it has a precise meaning at all – depends heavily on the speaker's subjective purpose. Ascertainment of that meaning requires considering the use of the word in its broader conversational context.
"Oh man, that class was so cooked."
by Commercial realities November 15, 2019
To cop, buy, or acquire a highly hyped/coveted item.
by thehypegod March 29, 2018