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The act of stating one thing but yet meaning something entirely different, similar to 'opposite day'.
So when you said you didn't want to help, what you meant was you did? Typical contreras move.
by stainless hawkeye May 30, 2010
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a dirty mexican. someone who is always cracking jokes on people and is a very mean person. someone who does something bad then tries to put the blame on someone else and is always trying to make females especially look like bitches. particularly ones he has dated in the past. ladies stay away.
that dude over there is such an asshole to girls. what a contreras.
by mexicankiller September 22, 2010
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Someone who is generally a lanky streak of piss.

Someone who likes to put his willy in toasters for the warm sensation.

Someone who often jacks off onto peoples legs when they least expect it. then runs away giggling like a school girl.

To have a poo lip.

A CONTRERAS - To perform a celebration pre-maturely, thus resulting in absolute humiliation.
guy one: "omg i won! **STANDS UP AND SHOUTS** DEE- GENERATIONNNN" while performing the customary open palms to groin thrusting type action.

Rest of guys: Mate, you didnt win... you just pulled a CONTRERAS

" Oh man look at that warm toaster, that would make my dick feel nice. I'll go fuck it. "
by poo_lip October 17, 2008
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Someone always taking the opposing side, usually always wrong too.
Ugh, Isabella? She is SUCH a Contrera!
by Dr. Kanye West January 20, 2017
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