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A brit who smells of crumpt crumbs and butter. He must have tea PROMPTLY at 12:30 noon, if he does not he irl ragequits or takes his rage out on the lovely, sexy, musclebound, gargantuan-penis-hasing dark blade. But Dark Blade never takes any of his slander and immediately puts conqueror in his place. Conqueror has yet to realize that Cubans are the superior race, a known fact to 97% of the population (remaining 3% are descendants of the KRUMPT klan). Hopefully conqueror will step out of his ignorance in the coming years.
Holy shit! He's eaten 2,345 crumpets and still going! What a conqueror!
by BAKAMOTO TAISHO January 22, 2009
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Slang for the Age of Empires II expansion pack. A good game, indeed.
"Hey hombre, you wanna play some Conquerors?"
"Nah, amigo. I'm stuck makin' cigars till five."
by Alex Quantashassle May 28, 2005
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