1. A girl or boy who is being really stupid and ridiculous and annoying for that matter.

2. A bitch who is currently being really stupid and annoying.
Jennifer:I want another cheeseburger.

David:Stop being such a stupid ass bitch! Your like 500 pounds.
by Insane Nu Yawka July 18, 2005
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person one "that girl is a stupid ass bitch"

person two "her name is probably charlotte"
by yeyeee October 25, 2019
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any and every woman that has ever breathed before
me: sorry dude you can't come over today my moms a stupid ass bitch

friend: aw what I thought we were going to play halo and eat chicken nuggets
by raging horse co- May 12, 2020
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Someone who is an idiot and either bitches or complains a lot or is himself a bitch. Ass is added the show that hes shit.
by Stupidbois November 29, 2018
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People are a stupid ass bitch like Zack.Zack is a ugly but skinny depressed bitch and you would not like to be with him.
Me:Hi Stupid Ass Bitch you are also gay you know that!
by Reymer November 10, 2019
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People who type about how good they are on Urban Dictionary— They are basically asking for keep outs. Usually thotty vsco girls lookin’ for preteen ass.
by Mmmmmm delicious October 14, 2019
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