2 definitions by ParzivaltheWrestler

The most bad ass Irish man to walk on the face of the planet. This man can take down a billion dollar business with his foul mouth alone. He whoops ass so hard they can't remember who and where they are. This man is Ireland's warrior.
That man's mouth is like Conor McGregor.
Yo! He whooped his ass like Conor McGregor
by ParzivaltheWrestler September 28, 2016
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The small population of hot looking Asian boys. They look hot, good sense of style, amazing hair, and an amazing sneaker game. They got a look that they give that can melt girls' hearts. Though they are very "rare", you'll know him when you see him, because you'll never forget it.
Woah?! Did you see him? Yeah! He's such an Asian fuck boy! I know right?! He's so hot!!!
by ParzivaltheWrestler November 21, 2016
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