Small pieces of paper, often shot off at The Rocket Summer shows. Instant awesomeness.
by the other melissa August 13, 2007
When a group of friends simultaneously text message a mutual friend. Often a particular subject of the text is agreed upon by the group. The group tells each other their particular text only after the multiple texts are sent.
I can't believe I got confettied last guys!!!
by proscriptionist October 21, 2009
Hey, are you going to have a confettious today?

That confettious last night was awesome.
by Kara Bruno September 1, 2006
One of the special effects that can be added in Halo 4, so when the player shoots a headshot, the enemy bursts with confetti.
Person 1: Boom, headshot!
Person 2: CONFETTI!!!
by N@y May 6, 2013
A term used by Fetty Wap before he ejaculates; a slang term for ejaculation
by Zach Elsewood October 14, 2015
When someone tears your ass up either verbally, or in writing. It's not even a fair fight.
"Did you see that email thread? Chris got his ass confettied by Sam today!"
by herbndictionaries February 27, 2015
A joyful ejaculation which erupts into a spray of confetti just like the "Happy Birthday Grunt" mode from Halo 3!
"It is obvious that Nick had a confetti because after he wanked off there were colorful bits of paper all over the place!"
by PSYCHO DANE December 14, 2007