To jerk off and accidentally cum in your eye and make you blind in said eye.
Damn nigga I was stroking it to Nicki Minaj and I gave myself a Fetty Wap, I think I need to buy an eye patch.
by Chayy Rube July 3, 2015
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Yo my uncle who never stops talking is coming this way, I gotta Fetty Wap!
by Icy Wyte January 6, 2018
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When you've taken too much speed and can't maintain an erection, so your cock makes a slapping noise when you attempt to masturbate.
I was so high last night I could only manage a Fetty Wap
by Spunkgoblin December 26, 2019
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A common hit rapper who blew up from his hit single, Trap Queen. Fetty Wap is mostly known for his raps, but hugely known for his right eye missing. He has an album out now and has billboard chart hits such as "Again", "Trap Queen", and "My Way". He spits super hot fire.
me: *walks in* damn bro what the fuck? why you hitting the whip on the kitchen counter?

him: this fetty wap song is so fucking fire!!! *hits whip and loses arm*
by illestmamita October 18, 2015
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They don't even want reals now. Everybody is ape over these fetty waps.
by Sk'daddles March 26, 2021
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