Being proud of being born and raised in the south and being proud of your culture.
by 52uwithmytentacle August 9, 2013
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A convoluted idea held by most southerners that depitcs the glory days of the Antebellum south and other traditions. Something that should not be honored and instead despised for it's radical racial and moral bias of a past generation. Something that leads to internal American conflict and strife between the people of America. Prevents the diffusion of culture. A cultural ideal built upon the advantageous use of human beings to promote the well-being of white anglo-saxon protestants. Something that promotes grandeos ideas of geographical and cultural superiority. Something that leads to a rift in learning and understanding others ideals and culture i.e. North/South. Something that contains more negative biased perspective than good beliefs. Something that
Southerner: Southern Pride is the ideal of a generation, Northerns will never understand!!

Northerner: Northerners will never understand because we weren't fighting against the UNION in the civil war. We don't look back and dwell on the glory days of a generation long passed like a depressed alcoholic has-been.
by thenorthernperspective November 28, 2010
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