A girl with B.O.
Last night I was with a girl that smelled like a Coney Dog!
by Wandman April 4, 2015
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pooping of a girls chest and the tit humping her in the breast area.
Josh and his mom
by Ryan Smith April 15, 2003
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A sexual act were a woman fingers the anus of man while giving him a blow job.
"The blow job was okay, but when she Coney dogged me it got a lot better!."
by Stonecrow September 28, 2010
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When you’re cuddling with your girl and she sharts all over your cock.
“we were chillin and she did the Cincinnati Coney Dog, got chili all over my cheese-dog.”
by gtomcsik October 10, 2020
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having sex while the female is on her menstrual cycle and then sticking your penis between her breasts.
Jim gave Sally an aunt flo's coney dog last night.
by Al Bogus May 28, 2009
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The Coney Island Corn Dog is when a guy does a woman in the corn hole while riding the ferris wheel at Coney Island. However, this can occur at any amusement park.
Grandpa Granger: Hey sonny did you go to Coney Island the other day?

Danger Granger: Why yes grandpa, and I took my new girlfriend.

Grandpa Granger: Well I hope you gave her a Coney Island Corn Dog!

Danger Granger: I certainly did grandpa. Although I don't think you know what a Coney Island Corn Dog means these days.

Grandpa Granger: It's when you do your woman in the corn hole on the ferris wheel. Your grandma still enjoys a good Coney Island Corn Dog to this very day!

Danger Granger: I want to high-five you, but I think I'm gonna go now.
by Teratoma69 June 15, 2011
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