1. The state or act of conforming with or agreeing to do something.
2. Readiness to comply: readiness to conform or agree to do something.
1. What they did was in compliance with the court order.
2. He is ready to complify.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
1. The state or act of conforming with or agreeing to do something.

2. Readiness to conform or agree to do something.
Wat they did was in compliance with the court order.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
Compliance is law. Compliance with the law is expected of all.
Compliance is mostly comes for companies operating under any industry.

Compliance law is very important in all countries. Compliancepanel is giving training on compliance like SOX, ISO, ITPCI & any more...
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by davidross December 23, 2009
When a superior gives you incredibly bad orders, and out of spite, you follow them to the letter, knowing the result is going to be disastrous.
Bobby: Don't change the formulas of this report. If you do, you're fired.
Frank: Whatever you say, boss.

Two weeks pass. Bobby calls Frank in to his office.

Bobby: You knew that report contained errors in its format. Why didn't you fix it, you shit?

Frank: Because you told me not to, you dick. It was malicious compliance.
by Laurentus February 11, 2018
A person that excessively cares about any kind of rules such as website guidelines and EULA's
"Dude, Don't be such a compliance-freak, You seem to care too much about the terms and policies"
by DoctorImmunity May 17, 2021
A term used by governments that are broke to round up some extra cash from tradesmen and businesses for stupid inane paperwork breaches Can also be used to annoy people they think support an alternate government. May use varying guidelines between regions for extra effect.
My workshop has a compliance audit due for Roadworthy's soon and lpg, environment, air conditioning, tax, OH&S and workplace employment regulation. I wonder if i can make it through the year without an improvement notice or fine
by Pippi scragbag January 18, 2012
a shitty company law preventing the use of pornography, etc. on a laptop/desktop owned by your employer.
"hmm im feeling a little devilish, ill look at some porn on my work comp, im at home on my own wi-fi connection so the boss can't catch me. (the next day at work) "COMPLIANCE VIOLATION!!! your fired!" says the boss (to the man that earlier looked at porn). This is usually caused by the company putting some shitty office watcher such as Trend Micro offiscan client.
by [MaLiCiOuS] January 30, 2010