A party where there's no coca cola
Hey where's the coke Jerry? oh blyat we in Soviet Russia there is no coke screw this communist party
by Mqr1o April 21, 2018
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When someone is high on Tripple C's. A play on the Russian abbreviation for the Soviet Union, CCCP.
Dude, I took, like, a box and a half of Tripple C's, and now I'm having a crazy Communist Party!
by anne onymous rex January 2, 2008
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The Ultimate form of all Gangs, Mafias or other organized crime entity. Avoid at all cost.
1.The Chinese Communist Party robbed all my freedoms and sell them back to me.

2.There are usually very few gang activities in areas controled by CCP.

3.Mao is a creation of CCP, not vice-versa.
by Peevee May 7, 2006
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The american communist party. They seek to rid the country of all homelessness,poverty and debt. They seek to unite all workers,students and farmers to fight economic explotation and make all people equal. In other words To free the country from all kinds of moneyfuckers. Power to the people!
by Deep blue 2012 May 1, 2010
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A group of people whom are alway great, alway proud and alway correct, when they make stupid mistake and/or get people killed.
Salute to the Chinese Communist Party.
by Gesture June 30, 2006
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A party that pretends to be communist, but that's really just a liberal party that endorses Hillary Clinton
Comrade, it's time we leave the Communist party USA! It's gone bat shit crazy and has just endorsed the witch!
by Revsoc October 5, 2016
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Not to be confused with : "Chinese Communist Party" or the "Dark Republican Party".

The Communist Party of America is the alternative nickname for "Communist Party USA".
Person 1: What is another way of saying Communist Party USA?
Person 2: Communist Party of America.
by MST3K I like December 27, 2021
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