1)Therm used by Republicans, rednecks, and others a like, who think that everyone that doesn't agree with anything the U.S.A. does is a uncivilized communist.

2)A communist is an advocate of communism, a Communist is a member of a Communist Party or another similar organization.
1)"Dirty, communistic al-Qaeda terrorists!"

2)"Marx had communistic ideologies."
by HenkPaal November 26, 2006
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Someone who believes "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." - Karl Marx This fallacy falls apart when all communists finally snap to the fact that if their need exceeds their ability they should be able to eat without working (also see socialist, democrat).
"Those kids are a bunch of communists." in reference to a bunch of slackers all living in the same apartment who believe "someone" is supposed to go buy food.
by hillsurfer March 24, 2007
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A Communist is a person who believes in Communism. Where everything (mostly land and money) is equally distributed among the people and everyone is equal (no racial discrimination). Many people believe that all Communists are atheists but this NOT TRUE, some are highly spirtually.
The former U.S.S.R was a Communist country.
Lenin and Stalin were two Communists.
by RedRussian December 18, 2009
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one who follows a political philosophy otherwise known as marxism which sought to create a society in which people geared their lives towards the benefit of the community as a whole as oppose to yourself. communism has been bastardized over the years, and an extremeley comon misconception has risen in which people view other philosophies such as stalinism, maoism, trotskyism, bolshevism etc. to be communism when in truth they are seperate systems that used communism as the carrot on a stick of political oppresion to consolodate their power. while the philosophy in itself is a noble venture, people as of now are not ready to embrace it, as they tend to posess all the metality and goodwill of a spoiled two year old. it is also worth noting that communism is socialism, but socialism is not communism
if marx was alive during the "communist" revolutions and governemtns, he would of been pissed off to see the very thing he opposed oppress the people while stealing his name in order to justify it
by wwwwoooooooo! September 09, 2006
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A word used by Republicans to describe something/one that they do not agree with. In todays society, "communist" has been replaced by "terrioist"
Making health care affordable? You a communist boy?!
by kandiiqueen January 15, 2009
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People who took the teachings of socialism too far, and too a point where it was so restrictive they were unable to install a democracy and had to combine the socialist system with a dictatorship.
Assorted Revolutionaries: Lets Make a Socialist state!
All: OK!
All: Oops!!!
by aSocialist October 08, 2003
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The follower of an ideology based on the premise that there should be state control over the means of production. This means that all farms and factories henceforth belong to the government. Private property is also abolished. This means everything you own now belongs to the state. While this system breeds corruption, as a few men are left to handle the resources of an entire nation, this system still sees its fair share of supporters in the west. Perhaps the most prominent communist regime was the Soviet Union, widely known for its corrupt political system, and tendency to machine gun its own people.

Communists claim to follow the ideals set forth by Karl Marx. however, Marx's ideas were very vague, so this led to spin offs from his original idea. Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism are perhaps the three biggest break-offs from the original ideas of Marx.

While there have been claims that "Communism hasn't been implemented properly," such claims have not stood up to the test of time. Giving a small group of elites control of a nation will always lead to a dictatorship.
Communist: "Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains!"
Worker: Sounds good! Where do I start?
Communist: Well for starters, I need all your possessions.

Worker: Wait? what???
Communist: You must share your wealth for the common good Comrade!
Worker: Is that all?
Communist: Well... I also need you to do backbreaking work at the factory tomorrow.

Worker: And if I don't?
Communist: Then you are an enemy of the state. You will be tried, and executed.
Worker: What are my rights?

Communist: Rights? Rights are capitalist propaganda comrade!
by Nuttier than Nutella March 18, 2016
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