Someone who becomes sexually aroused at the thought of a massive, central government controlling the means of production in a given society.
"Dude, that guy's a Communist!"

"Wow, what a fag...I'll bet he gets off to pictures of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin in his spare time."
by cheez1234 July 27, 2009
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One who believes that by taking property rights away, that they might change society.
One who wants change at the expense of individual liberty.
Communist Dude: "Communism will help us all."
Other Dude: "Help us be poor, you mean."

by osean (The Dude) August 29, 2008
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A derogative term used after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the changes in the former East Bloc countries to offend
supporters of the old regime and the members of the renamed Socialist Party in these states.
Hey, go talk this shit to your old lady, you nasty communist!
by Hari Popov November 20, 2007
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A great idea... On paper. The communist party is the idea of everything being owned by the entire community and there being no social classes. However, this really doesn't work since no one has anything to work for, there isn't any type of entertainment medium because everyone has assigned jobs, and a feeling of hopelessness.
Most people associate the Communist party with Russia, but it was actually started by the Inca civilization.
by anti emo212 January 30, 2006
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A communist can be religious. In fact, they usually are!

They believe that a society in which assets are state owned is practicle, and would actually work out and help the residents of a country.

Well, most of them believe that. Some believe that it's a way for them to gain power.

And really, that's all Communism is about. Power.

But communists will continue to go about trying to achieve something which would only be socially devistating. And they'll do whatever they can to try and achieve it, hurting anyone who comes in their way. See: End justifies the means.
Sean the communist was trying to convert a few people at his workplace to communism. One guy objected to the idea, and that guy was subsequently fired.
by I'm definitely not a communist January 15, 2010
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1) (rare) one who strives to attain the ideals of communism (see cako's spot-on definition)

2) (common) impotent jibe intended to put down a non-like-minded person. Insult had some impact during the Cold War-era, but so did Styx.
1) True communists are idealists who truly believe humans can transcend selfishness. Then the weed wears off.

2) There is a 99.5% chance that Rush Limbaugh would call you a communist.
by The Evil Steve August 10, 2005
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Idiots who didn't read Marx and thought it would be funny if they said everyone was equal and redistributed the wealth to themselves.
Trotsky: Let's pull the wool over their eyes. They'll go for it.
Lenin: Sure. (For now).
by Dick Splash September 07, 2003
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