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Commitment – this word, used in the context of an emotional relationship between a couple, in this case heterosexual, used to mean a man and woman professing undying L-O-V-E (spelled out so that the people who don’t recognise this word can look it up and know it’s not really a dirty 4-letter swear word, but some may think otherwise) between themselves and swearing that no man or woman would put asunder the connection between the two. (Translation - the man would not fuck around with another woman/women). This Love usually transpired in the bond of matrimony, but gradually has been accepted in a more casual and non-permanent relationship (which has actually caused the meaning of the word “Commitment” to be diluted and used very loosely but gimme a minute… I’m getting to that).

Currently, the word Commitment (also the word L_O_V_E , a word that some men have even been known to self-strangulate in an attempt to say i.e., lying to get laid for example) has absolutely no relevance to the male species. He may have verbally stated commitment to a woman long term and may have even said out-loud the L-O-V-E word, indeed they may even be cohabiting and sharing the ownership of property. Some very very strange males have even been known to marry a woman (this is very rare nowadays).

Even more strange is that the woman thinks that the circumstances mentioned above (marriage, cohabitation, and verbal statement, usually when drunk) makes it a cheat-proof certainty that her man will not go astray!

Well the truth is that while denial may be an emotional in-built survival mechanism, it does not hide the truth. (Please note that denial sometimes is mistaken for sheer stupidity and vice versa). Men have sex on a plate these days and a woman can do all that “Chef in the Kitchen, Whore in the Bedroom stuff, Toilet Scrubber in the Bathroom, Non-Controller of the TV Remote in the Lounge/Den (mostly it’s the Whore one), but you can betcha bootlicious hottie butt that there will be endless more tasty tempting lapdancetastic tartlettes awaitin to please your man in the vain hope that she/they will be able to steal him away and keep him from cheating on …..and so the cycle begins again ….ad infinitum ad nauseum as above.

Of course, men it has to reluctantly be said, are not stupid all of the time and they have realised that they don’t have to pretend to bounce from one easy free ho to the other any longer. They just keep the one at home who cooks and cleans for him, possibly still fucks him, and he looks for an endless supply of sluts by staying up late “working”, (fucking duh – there’s that fine line between denial and stupidity again) on the internet. This is done either by using adult chat rooms (this is quite a labor-intensive way of finding extracurricular Christian Aguilera dirrrrty sex) and a lot of men give up on this method, finally giving in to the more tried and tested, sure bet, good old fashioned method of paying a hooker. The internet is also a way of feeding his constant craving for penis stimulation i.e. porn and lots of it. Oh yes, porn is Soooo great for relationships!

To summarise: Commitment is a dinosaur word that has no meaning to anything whatsoever as relates to men and their view of women. However, a man will commit to love, honouring his car , no problem. (See other dinosaur words such as “Emotion”, “Feelings”, and “L_O_V_E”. Maybe you could play a game and find similar dinosaur words too! Have fun!
“Oh J Lo and Ben are sooooo happy. She has found the ideal formula (being perfect and famous and rich in her own right, and even learning strip-tease to keep Bennie boy at home away from da hoes down the strip club) for keeping a man. Oh and Jenn and Brad…such a golden happy couple! Jenn has also been such a role model for women to aspire to for lessons in how to find and keep a man. At last, our faith has been restored in L-O-V-E!! Happy Days!

Angelina who?

Shit….ok well uhhhhmmmmm…….. hmmmmmm
by MissyM May 06, 2005
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