A free ho is a bitch (woman) who will hang out with friends or ex's, even guys she just met, or guys on her long list of contacts to go on dates or to get smoked out, get a free lunch/dinner, do sexual favors or anything else for money or drugs,,,
You're girlfriend is a free ho and she's cheating on you and lying about everything,,,

She avoids your calls/text messages, gives vague answers to your questions about her whereabouts last night/day, is never home and hangs out with people all night/ day doing drugs, getting high, money, drugs, dates, and having fun, never tells you who she was with or what she was doing,,, also could say she's not cheating on you, but is and lying,,
by Lightbeing September 27, 2020
Man Jimmy ordered this large pizza and I knew he wasn't going to eat it all by himself. So, I decided to stick around a lil longer and see if I could score some free ho's.
by J-Merk May 7, 2008