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desperate attempts too fool people into buying someones products/services. morality is totally parallel to this. anything goes as long as it achieves it's goal of increasing sales (including lies, exploiting subculture, using stupid annoying songs because they stick to your head etc.)
- this commercial says that this (whatnot) increases 98% of (whatever). you think they actually did a study bout this..?
- probably not, but it's just a commercial..
- does this mean they can lie to people?
- pretty much..
by zoster August 15, 2008

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a trade of logic for hope
(if you lack logic anyway, then you get it for free)
born again christian: i just FEEL the bright future ahead of me..
by zoster September 22, 2007

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punk should be the voice of free-minded people...which christians are far from..

A way for brain-washed christian kids to feel cool.
(contrary to the non-believer kids that are just posers and think punk means not to give a shit about anything and to act rebellious so that they can show the other how special they are)
It's so convenient that they invented christian punk, now i can dress punk but not worry what my church buddies and their moms might think
by Zoster May 13, 2007

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