When a guy is not wearing any underwear. This is done by Marines or Soldiers during forced marches or "humps" to cut down on shaffing. Must be done in conjunction with a liberal amount of Gold Bond or baby powder.
My girlfriend thinks it's hot when I go commando. She doesn't know that I do it because I am to lazy to do laundry.
by BooyahUSMC May 29, 2006
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From the Scottish term "going regimental" meaning to stay traditional and not wear undergarments under one's kilt.
Girl 1: "Carl just told me he's going commando. Gross."

Girl 2: "But he loves it when you go commando."
by habanero September 15, 2005
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1. The Act Of Wearing No Breifs/Boxers/Panties.

2. A Bad Arnold Schwartzenager Movie From The 80s

3. A Special Forces/Mercanery Soldier
Scott Calls Me Up And Tries To Be Sexy By Telling Me Hes Going Commando, But It Usually Comes Off As Trashy.
by WARF! June 23, 2004
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An Arnold Schwarzenegger film that is possibly one of the best movies in the world. In this movie Arnold shows us his take-no-shit mentality and that he can take on hundreds of people with no problem at all. This movie ranks up there with Conan The Barbarian and Kindergarten Cop as one of the greatest films of the past millennium. It is a requirement to see this movie.
While watching Commando, Bill reaches the part in the movie where Arnold fights the man in the motel room....

Black Man: Fuck you, asshole! (throws a weak punch that does not faze Arnold, and he turns his head to the man)

Arnold: No, Fuck you asshole! (Throws a punch that sends the man flying through a doorway and ends with him impaling himself on a sharp object)...

Bill: This movie is fucking awesome!
by celtic warrior June 20, 2009
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An absolutely hilarious action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a ramboesque hero.
In this movie, Arnie is quite proficient in handling firearms, as indicated by his ability to fire an m60 in one arm, and his ability to fire two assault rifles in both arms with seemingly perfect accuracy. Its should be noted that Arnold also has the infinate ammo as well. Take consideration that grenades are especially noteworthy, as they seem to explode on impact, and take about 3-6 guys out with them each time.

Another noteworthy task is that Arnold takes out the entire Cuban army, without even so much as a scratch, well you know the kind of scratch that doesnt need a bandaid. At the end of this movie, he breaks a 6 foot pole off of a wall that just happend to be there, and he launched the aforementioned pole across 200 feet and nailed a guy in the chest with it, killing him instantly.

This is a movie for nights when you need a good action movie, accept no substitutes. Except rambo
by Not Zane September 09, 2004
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The most annoying perk in call of duty MW2.
Used to increase the range of melee attacks unrealistically.
When they knife they don't quickly run faster they pretty much teleport into you causing you to die instantly.
The online game play is ruined by many assets, this being one of them.

It takes less skill then shooting.
Oh no hes running right at me! I better start shooting!
*the player then begins to open fire, but then the person with commando lunges into him with a knife and the player who was shooting then dies instantly*

by callofdutyexpert June 10, 2010
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The absolute gayest perk in all of Modern Warfare 2. Unlocked at level 4, this perk will allow someone on Xbox Live to lunge and knife someone on Playstation Network. Anyone using commando is virtually invincible to bullets and/or explosives. This perk is usually accompanied by the perks Marathon (unlimited sprint) and Lightweight (run faster) and a pistol with a tactical knife, so those little faggots can run 50 mph and knife someone every second.
Actual Player: OMG! One more kill till nuke!!!
Commando: *knife*
*Actual Player watches kill cam*
Actual Player: WTF! He was in Karachi and I was in Afghan!!
by PzychoGamer November 22, 2010
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