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Where a computer confuses the crap out of you at the start of its use, middle or (may lead to) end.

This term is not just used in direction to n00bs.
1. May occur when the computer has caught the seasonal cold.
Kay: Daimn! 1 virus detected? How do I get rid of it? Why is my computer using hard to understand technical language!

2. May also occur when you download an upgrade to software you use regually.
Kay: Awsome! The new msn! Ok, so i've got to.. why is everything SO DIFFERENT! >_<#

3. Also occurs when high level is obtained from a game and the computer tricks you into believing you have to do something, when you don't and therefore lose.
Kay: Whoo! level 26! Okay, this seems easy, just got t-
Kay: Ugh, im going outside.. *so comfused*
by natalie sthoup August 03, 2010
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