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(known also as BBLunder)
When a person comes online purely to inform you that they'll "brb" or even worse, "bbl".

Sometimes they will appear like they are staying, but their just a little slow at that current time.

Severe cases of brburdens and bblunders are when the person or thing does not return.

This is classified as anIM-ocrite.
(Girl 2 comes online)
Girl 1: Hey! u've finally come online! I've been wa8ing 4 ages..
Girl 2: Brb.
Girl 1: k.

(one hour later..Girl 2 comes back online)
Girl 1: heyy! :)
Girl 2: sozz, brb
Girl 1: sure :)

(yet another hour later.. Girl 2 returns)
Girl 1: woho! ur onlinee :}
Girl 2: hey
Girl 1: omgsh BIG news
Girl 2: :( i gtg, cyaz
Girl 1: k bye
(Girl 2 is offine)
Girl 1 *..bitch*

Girl 2 = BRBurden 2tm!
by natalie sthoup August 2, 2010
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1. To change words with the prefix -ex into words with the prefix -egg.

2. To make a egg reference in your sentence/s.

This an awesome and totally addicting way to make the best out of a serious and boring situation.

Boy: Hey I like that flavour of chips. They are so nice!

Girl: That's egg-actly why I got them.

Boy: Hahaha... you crack me up!

Girl: Didn't you know, I'm an egg-pert at this?

Boy: You are my egg-ify egg-pertise.
by natalie sthoup July 28, 2010
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(assignment n.) a piece of work that is a pain in the ass to everybody: the person doing it, the person receiving it and importantly the people who recieve the complaints from the person doing it.
Guy: So have you done your hw?
Another Guy: You mean the ass-ignment?
Guy: Yeah, hw's a bitch.
by natalie sthoup August 10, 2010
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Wow, i wish i was like natalie and kimberly...
I mean, like they way they are rebels, so much so that they are egg-perts.
by natalie sthoup August 3, 2010
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A can of Campbell's Chunky Soup with a red cape.
With great soup, comes great responsibility -souper man.
(actually me doing a voice over for souper man)
by natalie sthoup August 5, 2010
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Where you have a particular form of greeting with each idividual friend.

These may be anything from a handshake(1), to a sound effect(2), or just a pj(3).
You: hey!
Friend: hey!
Bystanders: Oh cool hanshake!

You: hey! *bthrumms*
Another Friend: *brthumms & and giggles*
Bystanders: Oh ahaha funny sound effects!

Bystanders: ?

NOTE: Friendship Systems are associated with egg-uberant people only.
by natalie sthoup August 6, 2010
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