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An amazing blue eyed guy, tall, funny amazingly sweet, has a cute wrangler butt, good taste in everything, has an breathtaking smile with eyes that draw you in and makes you shiver in awe, very blind to others that care about him.
damn that coltin is fine
by browneyed417 August 06, 2010
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A amazing person who will care for his bestfriend. But he hides his feelings from people. he listens to music to relax
by XVll February 13, 2019
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Is A man or boy who is for the most part weak, and cannot get any woman he desires for and often when with a woman gets cheated on.
ohh look at coltin his girlfriend just did his buddy at work and then got his ass beat.
by Arnie134 May 14, 2007
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Coltin is a dweeb who has an amazingly hot girlfriend. He is a noob and spills chocolate milk on people. He throws carrots at people and calls people hoes. He is a whore who likes to ingore people if they dont kiss him. He likes to be called daddy and sucks dick.
Coltin is a dweeb.
by Lolcringe10101 June 07, 2018
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A person who is a nerd, usually doesn’t have any friends. What friends he does have don’t really like his presence.
Oh look at the kid over there he’s such a Coltin
by Mr.nofriends December 04, 2017
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