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The best hockey team that was created from the expansion of the Quebec Nordiques to Denver Colorado.
The best hockey team that has won two stanley cups in 1996 and 2001.
The Colorado Avalanche features the best hockey player in the NHL, Joe Sakic!

The Detroit Redwings suffered an utter defeat from the Colorado Avalanche.
by byron sakic July 13, 2005
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One of the best teams in the NHL
The Colorado Avalanche are awesome.
by Guy in Ox. Woods February 1, 2006
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This is performed during the climax in intercourse. The male individual would pull out from the rear (doggy style) and then ejaculate on the back of the female. They would then procceed and stradel the seamen and ride her, spreading the seamen on the back of the individual.
I did the Colorado Avalanche one time, but unfortunetly the girl wasnt able to support me and it wasnt performed properly. :( .... I only weigh 180
by Big War January 5, 2007
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a shitty NHL team who are constantly the bitches of the Detroit Red Wings
haha remember the time when Mccarty beat the shit out of Claude Lemieux. i was cracking up so loud. that same year Colorado Avalanche started sucking right after that game.
by go_wings May 31, 2006
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The Colorado Avalanche suck. Especially that Duchene or Douchey kid, whatever his name is.
by Sidney Blowme December 3, 2010
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build up a large load over a long period of time. When your about to bust, place your dick on top of her head (in a roman helmet sort of fashion) and avalanche your load down her face. hence, the colorado avalanche.
after we didnt bang for a month, i felt it necessary to colorado avalanche her. her face was then glazed over.
by donigle November 20, 2011
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The solo masturbation technique which entails lying on your back with your ass in an elevated position in relation to your head, and proceeding to ejaculate onto ones stomach and allowing the semen to percolate and slowly slide down their chest into their eagerly awaiting windpipe. This technique then can also be combined with the spurting motorboat technique, which is the act of spraying semen all over yourself while making a motorboat action.
Dude did you hear about Bogart? His mom found him in his room solo-reversed-doggie-style, covered in jizz after he drowned himself performing a colorado avalanche. I think he died choking while trying to bathe himself with a spurting motorboat hosedown.
by saltybirdman September 10, 2019
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