When your body convulses after an orgasm.
Benji was shaking extra hard after he percolated.

Come on baby, I'll make you percolate
by wildman February 25, 2005
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The convulsion, or shivers, following an orgasm
Benji pumps pussy all night till he makes the girls percolate.
by Ajit the Crunk-master February 24, 2005
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it dont matter how the fuck u use the word that shit percolating
damn my shit percolating
by bigmackswell February 15, 2018
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Drunk as hell. A person does not percolate or become percolated. Instead, they reach the point of a drunken stupor and are "on percolation."
Woke up in the morning on percolation..." E-40, "Smebbin
by Tre Dizzle May 16, 2011
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a popular dance that no party is complete without. in order to percolate, you must rapidly gyrate your legs in time with the music, as well as pop your booty. kamel mcmillan of NCCU is considered to be the foremost authority on percolation.
it's time for the percolator, it's time for the percolator... pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
by Carlos Fuentes July 13, 2006
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what it's time for
"it's time for the percolator"
by doggie dwg January 28, 2009
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1. to cause to filter gradually through a porous substance.
2. to get the party cracking.
"Let's hurry up and get to the club so we can get it percolating."
by Komfort May 18, 2003
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