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A high school situated between Palmer and Wasilla Alaska. This school was built and then sat for a number of years until they(the school district and state) decided they should actually use the building. The school is of steel construction and uses bricks to make it look like a prison. The windows are very small so they give you a feeling like your creepy and insane english teacher is going to diddle you. The carpet is of baby green, from the color of the freshmens pants when the notorious juniors jump them. This school is considered a "Prep" school, as most of the neighborhoods are of medium class families, and of rich snotty, or poor Butte mutes that didnt want to go to Palmer high school. The school has a relatively lower drug use rate, as these rich white kids drink and get plenty of DUI's.
Bob "Hey, let's go hangout at the bowling alley Alex."
Alex "Nah, I'd rather not be a snotty Colony High School kid"

Bob "Hey, that kid drives a new chevy volt"
Alex "Must be a rich white kid with eco terrosists for parents, probably goes to Colony High School."
by Chuck Houston November 14, 2011
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A high school located in Ontario, California, known for its unique cow shit smell, high Hispanic population, and excellent basketball teams.
“Ay, ese, I can’t even breathe right now. Shit, man.”
“That’s what you get for going to Colony High School, tú mierda pequeña.”
by JimmothyBelgian December 30, 2018
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