The Treat of blowing up a building or infrastructure with explosives if demands are not met,or just so kids gets out of school early!
1.Nico made a bomb threat in 2nd period on may 12 2006 because his friend brian wanted to go home early, his punishment, 8 months at Glen Mills lmao.
by JeffreySon February 7, 2007
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the act of ordering Jager bombs from a bartender or server
Dude, I'm so wasted, but fuck it...I'm dialing in a bomb threat.
by daddybunk February 26, 2009
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A typical threat that occurs throughout the year at Hempfield Highschool; some little freshman asshole makes this threat and thinks he/she doing a favor for everybody in the school there; Typically, one will enter the bathroom, and write it down for someone to see. Or other scenario, some group of assholes will be joking about blowing the school up in the halls, and someone will call the safe school hotline and cry about their life possibly ending. The school then evacutes, and smart idea, puts everyone under the bleachers . . the mostly likely place a bomb would be put.
" Hey Derek, did you hear about the Hempfield Bomb Threat? "

"Blowing up the school? That's old news."
by Zefranmajeticklacka December 18, 2009
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Placing a phone call that evacuates a friend from an uncomfortable or inconvenient situation, effectively offering an excuse to leave.
When I was stuck watching Disney’s Mulan with my youth group, I texted my friend Trachelle and had her call in a bomb threat for me. I’m pretty sure everyone knew my phone call wasn’t really important, but my disdain for Disney movies outweighed any social guilt.
by stice55 November 10, 2010
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