1: Expression of disappointment, surprise, or disbelief. Can also be used in place of "Ah shit!", "F**k", or "What the f**k!?"

2: Unit of measurement for darkness (ng).

can be conjugated as:
niggin(g), nigged, niggio, niggiste, niggio, niggimos, niggieron, niggation.
Example 1
A: "Dude, did you study for the chemistry quiz today?"
B: "What the niggs!? We had a quiz?!"

Example 2
Gregorio: "I got a f*cking F on my quiz! Ah niggs, my parents are gonna niggin' whup my ass."

Example 3
Scientist: the amount of darkness in your room is 10 Gngs (Ten giganiggs).
by Harvey Rosales November 13, 2009
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Used like dude. It is a safe alternitive to nigga that white boys can use. usualy said in a deep throaty manner.
by Kev Nice March 10, 2006
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A word of afection between siblings or close friends without using explicit vocabulary.
Yo niggs, whatcha want for dinner? Instead of:
Yo Sis, whatcha want for dinner?
by Jay - He is the one October 2, 2004
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Basically the same as nig nig but with more effort. Punch it out when you speak it to give it the extra two g's at the end.
by Marki G May 19, 2005
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The prejudice perceived by a black person when it's not actually there.
"Man, why are you arresting me? Is it because I is black?" "Damn, get over your niggativity, I'm arresting you for killing those 12 people back there."
by carldr January 8, 2006
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Someone who is afraid to use the "N" word around black people.
Yo Clyde, loosen up some, dont be afriad to say nigga just because Tyrone is here.

Hey John, why do you always have to be so Niggative?
by Sneakyfellow February 13, 2010
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