The awesome Canadian cast member of Whose Line Is It Anyway, was also on This Hour Has 22 Minutes for a couple seasons. He's really funny.
Colin Mochrie is funny.
by rewh December 15, 2003
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A Scottish-Canadian comedian who appears in almost every animutation.
In one animutation, Colin Mochrie had an epic battle against Jesus H Christ, who later turned out to be Mike Brasy from the Brady Bunch.
by Fifi McFeef October 5, 2007
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Contrary to popular belief, Colin is /not/ /from/ Canada. He is Scottish, but moved to Canada as a child.

He is a comedian, mostly known for his role (as himself) on 'Whose Line is it Anyway' He is insanely funny. Constantly made fun of for being bald by his fellow castmembers, especially Ryan Stiles and Drew Carey.
Man, did you see Colin last night? He was hilarious.
by Megan. May 11, 2005
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Infamous animutation star. First appeared in teh Japanese Pokerap.
Colin, he can reach them
Colin, he'll go far
With gardening, he'll reach you
and your only car . . .

from Conquest of Animutopia
by JJ May 15, 2004
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arguably one of the best improv performers. Hes able to create something totally dull and transform it into something hilarious. Hes brought countless laughs to thousands of people for over 20 years Famous for his work on the British and American Versions of Whose Line is it Anyway?
"i wanna be an improvisor like colin mochrie"
by rsafg September 16, 2005
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colin mochrie is the funniest guy in the world he is from canada he has many movies such as the jane white which is an underground movie he appears on the show whose line is it anyway or WLiiA every night on ABC Family from 10-11 he is soooo stinkin funny he works very well with his friend ryan stiles who is very tall n is ofter refered 2 as the stick with a big nose, but i like his cool shoes colin claims that ryan is neither a friend or an evil arch enemy, but both ryan plays lewis on the drew carry show Colin put on a spandex-like mask once on the show during hats n i was rolling on the floor laughing hes really funny when he dances n whenever everyone on the show is laughing histerically n cant finish a song, its usually cuz colin said something stupid so even though colin claims its wrong 2 b laughing louder then ur audience, its ok 2 let it out every once in a while colin colins the coolest guy ever u may have seen him on tv as the snack fairy in his tutu o man hes funny i love colin
"If they didn’t have the bald jokes the poor sad little comedians wouldn’t have anything funny to say. I’m glad for any part I have in keeping my less talented friends working"-colin
by baldy March 29, 2005
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