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A key smash is exactly that, a random smashing of the keyboard that conveys intense or overwhelming emotion that cannot be expressed through words. However, there is an art to this trade. For the perfect key smash, use the "Home Keys" on your keyboard; this includes the letters a,s,d,f,j,k,l,; as well as g and h. The typical start letters are "a" and "j" but any of the Home Keys can be used. Once you have perfected your key smash, you can begin throwing in letters from the other rows for a personal touch. It is a staple of the LGBT community and a versatile conversational tool.
The key smash can be used in virtually any scenario to display urgency or intensity of one's emotions or situation.

Humor: "ajkshwdkljxg lmaooooo"
Tragedy: oh my goodnessalsdgkwnlzkgjkssd idek what to say that's terrible!
Distrust: Yeah, as if ifasazksfdfs if if if if I'm gonna let you use my tractor.
Anxiety: nononononono afjdkahdjhgakkjl no way I can'ttttfjadkhk
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Ashleigh is the best friend anyone could ever have. On the surface, she's the quiet and nerdy type. You could write her off as boring but it would be the biggest mistake of your life. She does not take bs from anyone and will call you out with no hesitation. If you are one of the select few that an Ashleigh chooses as her close friends, you should consider yourself lucky. She's the Mom Friend that keeps the fun going while also preventing anyone from making bad decisions. You can trust an Ashleigh with your life. She's endlessly supportive and full of love, beauty, and witty comebacks. Ashleigh is the type of friend you could barely talk to for months but will be right at your side the moment you need her. Everyone needs an Ashleigh in their lives. If you don't, you're missing out.
"Wow. None of us brought any water, food, or money on our 4-hour hiking trip. If only we had an Ashleigh, then this wouldn't even be a problem."

P1: "Who's that over there? Damn, she's cute but I'm absolutely terrified of her at the same time."

P2: "Yeah man, that's Ashleigh. She's got BDE for days but she's super chill... just don't be a moron."
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Colette is a one-of-a-kind person. She is effortlessly flawless and takes your breath away with every movement. She is sunshine on a rainy day, she is the cool breeze in the summer, she is the touch of big soft blankets, and the feeling of big warm hugs. Not only is Colette drop-dead gorgeous, she is also one of the kindest, most loyal, funny, and talented people you will ever meet. A Colette has big soulful brown eyes that will make you fall in love with her at first sight; and, you'll fall deeper and deeper with every passing day after. Even a Colette has problems, she can be hard to get to know on a deeper level and usually has no idea how amazing she really is. If you ever meet a Colette, give her the world and hold on to her as long as you can, you may not find one again.
1. Henry: Who is THAT?! She is GORGEOUS.

Tessa: I have no idea, but I'm in love. Look at her, she must be a Colette.

2. Person1: *choking. forgets how to breathe*

Person2: Woah man are you okay? Do you need help?

Person1: No, no, no I think I'm okay. Colette just showed up, that's all.
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