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A beautiful girl that has issues accepting her own beauty. Taylors

have the best laughs and can be shy at first. Sometimes they are mute around new people, but once they warm up to someone they never shut up. They are a great friend and an even better lover. They are gentle but like to be in control. They also love animals such as llamas and cats. Taylors are wild and if you tame one then you are the luckiest person on earth
Is that Taylor over there?
You mean the beautiful blonde? Yes that's Taylor
by Notnim August 16, 2019

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Bitter, extremely insulting, sullen mood. Being very aggressive with words and defensive with your friends for no apparent reason and with the intention of offending them. Being uhrick is often associated with the consumption of alcohol and the smell of urine. Also considered to be salty, abrasive, cruel and scorngul.
I don't want to hang out with Brian tonight, he's always really uhrick when he's had alot to drink.

Woah, Jen is really uhrick tonight.

Kathy has only had one margarita tonight and she's already being really uhrick
by Notnim September 02, 2017

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Generally a skinny girl with weird shaped legs. Daintons often have lots of moles and freckles on their tonsils. They try to attract very good looking people but they are so self centered and often fail. Daintons also have very stringy hair usually bleached in color so its stringy and straw like. Daintons are annoying people
Is that a Dainton girl over there?
Ya I think it is. Look at the stringy hair and moles
by Notnim September 14, 2018

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mainly the last name of an awesome person.
Menke is the best last name i ever heard, but i can't wait to take that last name away from her though.
Menke is so beautiful
by Notnim October 31, 2018

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Someone who thinks they are hot sh*t on a silver platter, when they are really just a cold turd on a paper plate
Hey is that a cold turd on a paper plate in that elf costume?
Yep, it is a Tyler
by Notnim December 27, 2018

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A fat add with hair that is all narly and in curly knots. He definitely does not comb it and it smells like BO like he does. and is in desperate need of a boob reduction.
Jane is that Gus over there?
Yes Sophie it is. You can tell by the stringy hair
He's been following us all night
by Notnim August 26, 2019

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A lying sack of shit
Clare what is in that sack sitting in the rain water?
It's just a Cole. A sack of shit and it smells like it
by Notnim October 12, 2019

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