The act of a person completely disregarding or ignoring another. This can be caused by a few things:

1. A person is in a bad mood and doesn't feel like talking to anyone.
2. A person says something so incredibly stupid that it doesn't deserve a response, thus the person is ignored.
I wanted to be friends with my ex, but she gave me the cold shoulder.
by BeatleKid96 April 8, 2015
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1. When one neglects to communicate with another person because they are in a bad mood

2. A reference to Lord of the Rings, when Frodo Baggins is stabbed with a wraith's sword in the shoulder. His shoulder becomes cool to the touch.
1. Fuck, man, my bitch Hallie's giving me the cold shoulder. It must be 'cause I fucked her sister.

2. Gandalf: Why's this nigga, Frodo, layin' here like he fuckin' got stabbed with a wraith's sword?
by PussyMarijuana December 12, 2013
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A tool of rejection in which the giver completely ignores the receiever, thereby giving him/her the 'cold shoulder'.
Delilah gave me the proverbial cold shoulder yesterday at work, not even regarding my presence in the copy room.
by Diggity Monkeez January 10, 2005
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A 2017 fashion trend of women wearing clothes with cut-outs to expose the shoulder. Some may find it stupid, others may find it sexy.
Macy showed up to school wearing a cold-shoulder top. Jim thought it was dumb, but it definitely gave Rick a boner.
by PhilPrime November 7, 2017
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When a female rejects a guy after he tries to get into her under garments. Also, when one of your friends tries to compliment or hit on a girl, and she disses him. Usually reffered to in sign language by patting your shoulder, showing your wingman that your chances with the hot breezie is going down to china town.
Max was trying to be all slick n stuff, by telling Molly she had nice smelling hair, but she gave him the cold shoulder when she stomped on his nuts with high heels and left.
by Dennis of Btown August 3, 2006
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A move used in football to purposely avoid making a tackle, most commonly used by Edison linebackers wearing #3
by growballs3 November 30, 2010
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An effective and common technique guys use to break out of a friend zone. This is effective especially when the guy made a screw-up when asking for a date.

This is utilized in order to hopefully force a girl to wipe a clean slate off a guy who is just not good enough for her as a way to erase a screw-up. Much later, the girl will start to miss him and will hopefully reconsider.
Cold shoulder: the gold standard for getting out of the bane of your relationship.
by CryThunder March 12, 2018
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