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An effective and common technique guys use to break out of a friend zone. This is effective especially when the guy made a screw-up when asking for a date.

This is utilized in order to hopefully force a girl to wipe a clean slate off a guy who is just not good enough for her as a way to erase a screw-up. Much later, the girl will start to miss him and will hopefully reconsider.
Cold shoulder: the gold standard for getting out of the bane of your relationship.
by CryThunder March 12, 2018
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1) The act of flying a kite.
2) The fraudulent use of a cheque, etc. in order to receive payment for it twice.
3) A micro technique in certain games such as MMORPG's and RTS's whereby a player continually moves their units around to make it harder for the enemy to attack them, sometimes to the extent where they are unable to attack at all.
4) A pose notably done by the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority in which people raise one arm and lower another while linking the top and bottom arms together to make multiple diamond shapes.
1) Are we going to go kiting? I hope I'm not gonna be like Charlie Brown.
2) He has done cheque kiting before.
3) Kiting in Starcraft 2 gives the advantage of giving longer ranged units time to reload.
4) Oh, my friend posted another of those kiting photos with her Theta sisters on Instagram.
by CryThunder September 23, 2018
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If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, then it is a duck.
If it sounds (like) fun, then it is fun. Actually, no, this is NOT a statement you want to hear. Ever.
This is the phrase a girl you want as a girlfriend will say to you if she turns you down. This is commonly used in conjunction with an excuse to turn down a first or second date.
This statement is rarely used when a girl actually shows interest. A rule of thumb is that the more general the statement, the harder of a no it is.
Fred: Let's meet up for a coffee!
Sara: Sorry, I am very busy. But it sounds fun, though. We should plan something for the future.
Fred: Okay.
Red flags to notice -- "Sorry I am very busy" - Cliche excuse, and very general. "We should plan something for the future" - Again, way too general.

Accurate translation:
Sara: Forget it. We need not plan for the future. i.e. you have been friend zoned.
Fred: Meh. I'm not your friend. Why want me as a friend when you disparage me and think I'm not good enough for you? I can just have a friend who actually respects me for who I am over you.
by CryThunder March 12, 2018
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