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Same as regular coke..except that it tastes like straight up SHIT. You'd think that Coca-Cola robbed all the hospitals in the USA of their patients' urine samples, dumped them in a giant vat, and added chemicals and splenda until it tasted like cyanide mixed with cat guts. What was Coca-Cola thinking.?
WOW! Coke Zero has zero calories! And zero taste! *furiously vomits blood all over walls* It's devouring my insides!
by madcow4668 August 07, 2006

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Orgasmic. This food makes you happy about life. If you're depressed, drown your sorrows in the big burger combo. It'll do you good. For 3 bucks, you can't go wrong. Don't get me wrong, Burger King is alright, and McDonald's has awesome Big Macs. But Carl's Jr. is like stepping into the 4th dimension of fast food. Oh yeah.
"I hate myself :( *gun to head*"
*mother comes in*
"Let's go to Carl's Jr.!"
*after meal*
by madcow4668 August 21, 2006

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a complete scam. they never add any good shit to their catalog, and they ran out of all the good stuff, and aren't willing to restock.The things that ARE in it, are stupid offers, like 10% off magazine subscriptions. The only thing worth getting is the six flags one day pass. Oh, there is a Coca-Cola umbrella and a keychain. *rolls eyes* Screw this site.
"OMG lets go to mycokerewards, cuz I finally saved up enough points to buy that awesome air hockey table I saw!"
"Uhh..it's not on the site anymore, cuz they don't update their shit."
"Oh..then I'm going to kill myself."
by madcow4668 August 18, 2006

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a ghetto version of the sims online that doesnt cost any money except if you buy the coke bottles to get the codes and get "rare furni"; a game that you hopelessly devote your time to because you're addicted; a game with lots of scammers and lazy ass moderators who do nothing to improve the game
"OO GURL! Lets play the sims online! that shyt looks like da BOMB!"
"AIIGHT!..wait I DONT GOT any MONAY! DAYUM..oh well lets play COKEMUSIC INSTEAD! i still have my AOL 5 months free!"

"Dude I just got scammed for all my PINS!" *reports*
Moderator: SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DIE PLEASE THANK YOU *devours whole pizza*
by madcow4668 April 13, 2006

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I really don't know why so many people are hating on the iPod. I, personally, think it's great. While it's more expensive than some MP3 players that do the same thing, it just appeals to me more than other MP3 players. I think it has great battery life, the videos look really good, and I really like the click wheel. Sure, it's a pretty penny, but I think it's very worth it. I didn't buy it because I wanted to look cool, I bought it because I wanted a reliable MP3 player that looked nice, was easy to use, and was sturdy.

However, the headphones they give you are COMPLETE SHIT. Mine broke after a day and I had to buy new ones. LAME.
"Hey guys I got an iPod!"
"You retard, a Creative Zen is like way cheaper and has the same storage."
"Uh..FUCK YOU because iPods are way better.."
by madcow4668 August 19, 2007

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Sells burgers that taste like a fried turd on a bun. It has the flavor, consistency, and smell of a turd, so I have concluded that it IN FACT, is a genuine turd nugget that is grilled, and then made into food. Sure, In N Out is known for not microwaving their "meat" but what good is actually cooking the meat, if it's not meat at all, but instead, fecal matter? I think this conspiracy is very wrong, and I hope sometime soon they are uncovered for selling people shitburgers.

Another trait of In N Out restaurants, is that they sell fries that are disgusting. They supposedly make their own fries too, which isn't a good thing. Not only are these fries the most greasiest fries ever created, but they are green, brown, yellow, every color of the rainbow pretty much. Which is NOT a good thing. A positive thing, is that they are crunchy, which is a very good thing for a fry. However, the crunchiness does not cover up the fact that the fries are disgusting and infected with AIDs.
"Hey I'm hungry! Let's eat at In N Out!"
"Uh..If I wanted to eat a shitburger, I'd just shit on a bun and eat it myself. Then I'd shoot myself in the face."
"Oh. Well I guess we could go to Carl's Jr.."
"Yes, let's. Carl's Jr. is much more tasty than In N Out's diseased feces burgers could ever be!"
by madcow4668 July 30, 2007

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