Somebody who finds great pleasure in the art of Computer Programming.

Synonymous with: Hacker, Programmer
That weird geek spends time programming all day, what a coder.
by Yo Mama January 23, 2003
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Slang word, used by idiots, for the term 'programmer'. Often used by communities for Private Servers. There are related words such as 'Code' or 'Coding'.
He's our Coder.
by PhosphorusX August 6, 2010
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short for code infraction, used at Delbarton, get three and you're strongly encouraged to leave the school.
by impreza December 15, 2003
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All who say 'coder' or 'codar' are fagots. It is correctly said as 'programmer'
by DJ-Icey July 13, 2008
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When you don't stop coding, you just code you don't eat sleep or anything just coding.
Person 1: Hey man I heard you were all night codering.
by DarkCheese_ June 16, 2021
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The low end of the scale as far as software engineers go.
When you've finished the design, give it to the coders and let them implement it.
by Kurt N. March 25, 2004
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