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Better than the rest, I mean it has better dances than most school, great test scores, and they're really good at separating the dumbs, and the smarts apart from eachother, when people say we have ugly lockers.. well look at ridgley they have HALF the size of our lockers, plus! who cares about the lockers! Lol! We also have no windows because we don't need to look outside 24/7. We have some really cool teachers too. The people also take care of everything fast. We have pretty cool yearbooks, hardcover and colored. We prettymuch rock. I mean, you know those things comparing ridgley and cms, well not everyone had gone to both for school. I have atleast 5 friends that have gone to both schools and guess what, they have ALL said cms is better and could name billions of reasons. In that case, cms is the best. WHOOP
cockeysville middle is better, you have to admit it. I mean really.
by cockeysville middle school March 06, 2012
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