Omg is that guy wearing Vineyard Vines? What a douche.
by hippieyogi December 11, 2016
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A brand of clothing by Martha's Vineyard. Typically worn by white boys, but seen on the "popular" kids of all races. Comes in colors:
* Pink
*Light Blue
Boy 1: He's popular?!?
Boy 2: Yeah.
Boy 1: But he doesn't even wear Vineyard Vines!

Girl 1: You can't wear Vineyard, Molly! You haven't even been there.
Girl 2: Uggh, neither have you Tiffany!
by TooUrban4U May 15, 2015
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A preppy brand of clothing started by two brothers (Shep and Ian). It has got a laid back, sort of relax and hang out in Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket sort of theme. It is growing in popularity and they even opened their flagship store in Edgartown (Martha's Vineyard) last year (July 2005). They make fun, comofortable clothing and accessories. It is sort of known as a "new preppy" style, and is very New England. They make a lot of nice ties, with fun, creative prints.
"Hey Ted, lets go buy a few ties at Murray's Toggery Shop"
"Ok, let me just grab my Vineyard Vines 'harbor vest,' its so comfortable."
by TM March 25, 2006
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Literally some average clothing with a whale on it. Everyone buys it for no reason to be "cool"
Like, O M GEE! I got a vineyard vines shirt! I am sooo cool!!!
by BlueDuckYT February 4, 2018
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Vineyard Vines is a new clothing brand best known for its brightly colored polo shirts and colorful ribbon belts. It has not yet been tarnished by GDI's, and it is not sold in department stores or malls. the logo is a really cool looking whale.
Preppy guy- should i wear my green or pink Vineyard Vines belt with this?
Girl- definetley the green on with the mermaids on it
by galang alang alang March 9, 2006
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The best clothing company ever made
Hey man, is that tie Vineyard Vines?

Pffft, you know it!
by Charles Hargrave August 20, 2006
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Quite possibly the coolest clothing on the face of the earth. Clothing comes in very preppy cool colors. The company also makes great ties.
Guy: Hey babe, check out these awesome blue seersucker pants from Vineyard Vines.

Girl: Those are hot. You wanna grab a cup of coffee or something?
by fugocci January 20, 2009
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