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Cockeysville, MD is approximately 15 miles north of Baltimore City off of I-83. As it shares a zip code with Hunt Valley, it is sometimes referred to as Cockeysville-Hunt Valley.

York Road is the main drag and looks like any American suburb, with strip malls as far as the eye can see. However, it doesn't take long once you venture off York Rd. to find areas sprawling with fairly modern apartment complexes, large single-family homes and mini-estates.

Baltimore County Home park, Long Ridge Golf Course, Oregon Ridge Park, The North Central Railroad Trail, and the woods around Loch Raven offer plenty of areas to get away from the suburban scene.

The population is a mix of just about everything, as the local elementary school shows - Padonia International School.

Over all, it's a pretty cool place to live.
"I put the Cockey in Cockeysville"
by Carmel Portillo January 11, 2009
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A sprawling suburb of Baltimore,MD that shares its zipcode, 21030, with Hunt Valley. Hunt Valley is simply a ritzy name given to the large mall...i mean town center, and the thriving corporate community. Unlike most American towns and suburbs, Cockeysville does not have a downtown or central place. York Rd. runs North-South through the zipcode and is the closest thing to a downtown. York Rd. can take care of all your day-to-day needs with its fair share of department stores, strip malls, car dealerships, restaurants, and other establishments. Just east of York Rd, you have residential areas off of Cranbrook, Warren, and Padonia roads. Here, you will find many apartment complexes, townhouses, and small single family homes. The local public school is Dulaney H.S. To the west of York Rd and I-83, you will find more residential areas, such as the Falls Rd. Corridor, Ivy Hill, and the Western Run Valley. This area is much more country like in nature, and is home to luxurious subdivisions and sprawling country estates, separated by rolling fields and woodland. Here; ceos, milfs, and private school kids live in their own little bubble; isolated from the rest of Baltimore. All in all, Cockeysville is a nice place to live, and has something for everyone.
Although Cockeysville may be diverse, all Cockeysvillians share a common love for the Ravens, alcohol, and their high school.
by cville141 June 09, 2011
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As the only possible example to a mix between rich and poor, urban and roral, cockeysville is the very epitamy of peacefull war... where private school meets public... where where loyalty to a crappy school is the only thing that interferes with friendship. Cockeysville is what many confused people call home... and there is no wonder to that. America may be the mixing pot of the world... but cockeysville is the mixing pot of America.
complaints from rich pretending to be poor, and gloats from poor pretending to be rich engulf the area. Those who wear button up t-shirts are simply wrong to the world... only lacoste polos will due here. a "timeless tradition" of beating towson at lacrosse brings pride to the town of the state champs for 4 years in a row!!!! yet a steady decline of morals and school pride allow for the appearance of what seems to be crappy philly lifestyle haunt the now college students in other states. What happened to our homeland that was once honorable and full of pride? What was the event that lead to PA and VA somehow having better standards of living... how embarrassing. could it have had something to due with alcohol?
by SEF April 24, 2005
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