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A small town in southern Alberta that is known for it's delectable ice cream and tacky western theme.
"I'm going to Cochrane to enjoy the ice cream and tacky western theme!"
by July 20, 2008
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A satanic sexual pleasure device worn during the 1800's to increase a mans orgasm. The device houses a hole for the male's penis, aswell as two lead weights on either side. These weights, when pulled up and released, drive into the testicles of the user. The blinding pain, aswell as orgasming, shows the true meaning of "Pain for Pleasure".
However due to health risks of imploding genitails, the fabrication of this device was halted.

Named after its creator, Colm J. Ruddger Cochrane, the Cochrane, or Cock-Ram was a major hit in the opium bars around the time. Only allowed to be preformed in the company of three or more gentleman.
Thou hast seen thyself cochraning on a dubious amount of thine time. 1800's.

My uncle Cyrus tried out an old Cochrane, but after the blood-curdling screams I knew something wasn't quite right.

by Caffo September 21, 2008
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