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A true inspiration. A shining light of good will. Some believe "Colm" to be another word for Saint, although it is more commonly believed that "Colm" means God himself.

A Colm should be feared and revered. To be lucky enough to know or even meet a Colm during your lifetime is equated with winning the lottery in many cultures.
In the name of the Colm.......

Colm bless you....

Yes.....yes I think it was, Oh thank Colm, I have seen a Colm!!!
by R_Mugabe March 24, 2010
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colm is the most beautiful, funny, smart and sentimental boy ever. a boy you will never want to lose, he will make you laugh, scream and cry with joy, and make you squelch in excitement when his name comes up on your phone, if you have a Colm in ur life, make sure not to loose him, he’s a keeper - they also have the hottest voices and amazing personalities :)

-c :)
boy one: whose the daddy over there?
boy two: i don’t know him but i can totally tell he’s a colm
by christhefag June 10, 2019
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the name 'colm' translates in the gaelic language as 'dove', as in the bird of peace and love.
check out the colm on that fella!
by colm March 24, 2005
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adj. An act that is justified, and often praised, merely because a highly respected person is doing it. No further justification is necessary.
'Dude you can't smoke it's bad for you'
'No, McMorrow smokes. It's totally colm'
'Fair enough'
by Gregoregory October 30, 2007
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Generally a mild-mannered, ginger. It is often taught that 'Colm' means 'dove'. It would be more accurate to say it means a borderline alcoholic with a slight gambling addiction, who happens to drunk text more than sober text, and has the most twisted obsession with his ex- Even though she is a conniving bitch that cannot keep her legs together.

He may also have a weird obsession with historical documentaries and things referring to ghetto pop culture..

Generally an awkward person, but very caring once you get to know him.
"My God, I can't believe he's getting with her again... He's such a Colm."

"Do you think Ryan would go out for a few drinks tonight?"
"Nah, I asked and he's watching that doc on the Potato Famine again"
"Jesus! He's such a Colm!"

"Why is he wearing a snap-back with a hood on in the middle of summer?!"
"I don't know man, I think he thinks he's a Colm.."
by Sighs for Society March 13, 2014
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