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Someone who is sarcastic as hell without knowing it themselves. And absolutely loves Hentai for some odd reason. Never disclose your secrets to this man and chances are he'll literally shit himself if put under pressure.
Wow, Dong Sheng is such a Dongus, he literally shat himself during the Math paper.
by Nothing original. December 17, 2017
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A word that is a cross between nongus and doofus, meaning a person that is not very smart. Taniarus Baxterus Adelaideus.
Mother dearest stop being such a dongus.
by eldest son (not a dongus) February 05, 2010
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A somewhat derogatory term made up by oscar, refering to male genitialia
by Combat 84 June 30, 2004
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An Indo-European loan word for tongue; it is rarely ever used in standard English or informal street lingo except as a name for several linguistics organizations.
The dongu society of Europe wants to revive PIE. That sounds tasty, but not practical.
Why dost thou speak in archaic dongues? Dost thou not wish to be understood?
by nayrb May 04, 2013
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Australian slang. A variant on dofus or drongo - in particular the species Jackster Backster Adelaidus
Jack, your mother wants you to stop being such a dongus
by mummy dearest February 03, 2010
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A Animal the refers to a very sexual condiments. For example porn of other inappropriate things. It also goes by the name weenie butt.
by Worship the camels January 20, 2018
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