Someone who sweats 8 litres of water per day and is a virgin until they turn 70
Tom: I play CoD, I’m a CoD Player

Tom’s friends:

Tom: I don’t have any friends
by CheezyClit69 January 2, 2021
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A boy who has turned into a real man. Boys that were 5-12 turned into men after playing COD.
Look 7-year-old Fortnite kid, when we were your age we were Men, playing HALO and being a COD Player, now look at you, you all are gay, and go cry in a corner when someone calls you trash kid.

7-year-old Fortnite kids now: Cries when someone calls them trash

7-year-old COD players then: Trash-talks the guy who called them trash and made the trash-talker cry.
by unknown123456person November 8, 2020
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A person that is a very loud type of person, and yells at everyone and wants to be the priority speaker. They are very annoying and pretty much no one likes them.
"Ok COD Player, go back to yelling at the screen and crying that you didn't win in gun game."
by lmaoimaginelolezezez September 25, 2020
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Elite COD players are players that carry the weigh of their teams, even if they have terrible team members
Damn David, and Victor suck at COD only Ben and Bart are "Elite COD players"
by Ultra Nub December 12, 2019
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Extremely gay (in denial) males that play call of duty on his mobile phone also that take a long time fixing his load out before a match
by cyberchancla May 5, 2022
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The worst cod players because they don’t let you kill them
Look at that french player he won’t let me kill him must be french

What french cod players
by Kholl April 14, 2020
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