Connoisseurs of Cannabis.

COC is a baller group in Vegas that know the ins and outs of the use and assortments of marijuana (weed).

**Qualifications include: knowledge of how to hit a pipe, bubbler, blunt, water bong, steamroller... or whatever the pothead might be using to smoke out of, the different types of weed, prices, quality, hookups, & how to use your "high" to benefit you.


**Members smoke weed everyday.
"COC" is one who can recognize when they are receiving a good offer, and are going to get high, because they can tell the quality of the marijuana before even smoking it.
by Infiniti / Steph August 17, 2009
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Abbreviation of 'Cup of Coffee' commonly used for ease of speech and hours of predictable innuendo.
'Fancy a coc?'
'I had a a coc before, it was really big but I've had better at Starbucks'
by Roochie Shelley November 27, 2006
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Cum on Cock. Use as you would LOL, STFU, WTF, etc... Used for those desperate times when things are getting messy and words are just too much.
A: Hey, check out this hawt pic of Heidi Klum.

by Al_Q August 12, 2006
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Stands for Carry on Consuming Society.

An invitational drinking club of St Cuthbert's Society, a College of Durham University initiation to which will involve drinking incredible amounts, swimming the River Wear naked and hammered and sprinting between the 14 college bars of Durham.
Cuth's Man 1: Woah, you got invited to Coc Soc as a fresher? how did you manage that?

Cuth's Man 2: Kept a yard down after the rugby, I get noticed. Hope I don't die in the initiation
by Dougal McFougal May 11, 2009
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Someone who in infatuated with the game 'Clash of Clans'. They find it to be a drug of sorts, since they check up on their village every waking moment, even when they know that their town hall still has 13 hours left to upgrade. They will find it overwhelmingly impossible to avoid telling their neighbors about how far their village has grown from a little shit-hole to freaking metropolis.
COC-sucker Cody "Dude! My last raid got me rolling in hella amounts of dark elixir! You know I'll be owning them hoards of hog-riders soon!"
Kenny "You're such a COC-sucker, bro."
by AllHailVision December 01, 2014
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A person(s) who has not played Supercell's smash hit game Clash of Clans
(Noun) Damn bro this kids such a CoC tease.
(Plural) There is a large protest of anti-CoC's
by FortnitePoggers April 08, 2020
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