A super fun game of building and attacking. There is a town hall which is the heart of your village. You train troops, build defenses, upgrade resource buildings, and you have fun. You can also attack(which is like half the game).
by Spyder68 April 27, 2016
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a IOS game for PROPER gamers
Clash of Clans is for REAL gamers not PC and CONSOLE crap
by Jecker_ September 20, 2018
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A mobile game which will trick you to pay real money then continuously change the game using the word "evolve".it's like your buying sexdoll with a vagina. After a week magically the vagina changed into a dick and you can't do nothing but having it from behind
by Monster among men November 21, 2016
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A guys who an cock
Regular guy: hey cock
Clash of clan player: I'm not
Regular guy: hhahhahaha got you fucksasss

Clash of clans
by PvEnjoyerture December 1, 2021
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CoC (short for Clash of Clans) is a game created by Supercell in September 30, 2013. Updated in August 1, 2022 which has 500,000,000 downloads

Clash of Clans is a combat strategy game. you can build your own village, train your troops to raid other people's village or make a clan with friends or random people to raid

other villages!

Clash of Clans is available on iOS & Android!

Clash of Clans is also a trending meme from the internet gaining mass popularity of players to the game.
"Hey, Mark! Wanna Play Clash of Clans?"
"Sure! What Level Are You on in Clash of Clans?"
by definisiouns445 August 6, 2022
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